Nicolas Mestre


From basically as soon as legally permissible, Nicolas Mestre has been a member of the wine trade. Prior to even this point, his childhood spent in France, French fluency, and early involvement in the restaurant world served as good preparation for a fine-tuned appreciation for quality food and wine. Experience in the retail environment at Tastings, in Charlottesville, transitioned into work as a sales specialist for an importer and a wine consultant. Nicolas' taste progressed on a typical (at least for us), albeit accelerated route. His early interest in big labels from Bordeaux and Burgundy quickly progressed to the esoteric. From there, his focus narrowed into a singular appreciation of the clarity and genius of natural wines. A cool regard for his piles of mature-vintage, classed-growth Bordeaux are a testament to this rapid enlightenment. Constantly studious, his broad, comprehensive knowledge ranges from technical winemaking to the personalities of the wine world. His palate is unforgiving of sulfur, new oak, or high-alcohol, but smiles widely when approached by a real wine, one that shuns manipulation and embraces its honest, if sometimes unconventional, self. – Andrew Greene