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Terre del Ving

Stefano Gonelli & Nicoletta Dicova


Stefano Gonnelli and Nicoletta Dicova believe that the land never really belongs to anyone. They see themselves as stewards, looking after vineyards that have been abandoned or deemed worthless or non-productive, but are nonetheless important to the Tuscan terroir. Such plots form the basis of their philosophy of “nomadic viticulture,” providing the setting for a story about sustainable agriculture, renewal, and transformation.

In February 2007, Stefano took over the main vineyard of Podere Borgaruccio, with his first harvest shortly thereafter in September 2007. After operating organically for two years, the estate became certified biodynamic in 2009. In 2015 Nicoletta joined Stefano and purchased the Podere Campordigno property in DOC Montescudaio. Recently, the duo renamed Borgaruccio to Terre del Ving, in recognition that their aim was to make wines from multiple sites, not just the original Borgaruccio farm. The estate is planted with a handful of local Tuscan varieties including Sangiovese and Trebbiano, as well as lesser known, hyper-local varieties such as San Colombano and Malvasia Nera.