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With nearly 50 hectares under vine and plots in the Marsala, Marzara and Salemi communes, Baglio Baita Alagna is one of the few Marsala producers that continue to own and work their own vineyards. Founded in the early 1940s by Giuseppe Alagna, these vineyards enable third-generation winemaker Ercole Alagna to produce ‘alto grado’ Marsala from late-harvest, low-yielding old vines, farmed along organic lines, without irrigation. The winery is in the classic baglio style and is built over medieval grottos extending down nearly 35 meters, several stories below street level. There, traditional Marsala varieties Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto rest in a wide variety of ancient Slavonian and American oak barrels. Ostinato Marsala is Sotolon Selections’ multi-year collaboration with the Alagna family, founded on the traditional methods and the ‘alto grado’ that have largely been abandoned in the appellation. The results are a Marsala Fine Ambra Secco and Fine Ambra Dolce of high-vinous character and unusual complexity, equally at home in the glass as they are in the pan.

Credit: Haus Alpenz