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Mas Peyre


Mas Peyre is a true family affair. After 20 years as a pillar of the local cooperative, the Bourrel family departed and founded the domaine in 2003. Claire manages the business and the shop, while Gerard tends the vineyards; sons Baptiste and César handle the winemaking and marketing, respectively. Based in Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet, on the western edge of the upper Agly Valley, the Bourrels now farm nearly 40 hectares and celebrated their 10th anniversary by completing conversion to organic viticulture in 2013. Vineyards in Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet (black schist and marl) and further west in Prugnares (argile-calcaire) range from 250-400 meters in altitude, balancing warm days with cool nights, preserving freshness in their wines. From these, the Bourrels produce a range of vivacious, organic wine, including their Maury “Rage du Soleil” and Rancio sec “Le Démon de Midi.”

Credit: Haus Alpenz