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Emmanuel & Patrice Guillot


Owners & winemakers: Emmanuel & Patrice Guillot
Vineyards: 19ha of estate-owned vineyards, plus purchased fruit for the négociant project
Vineyard management: Organic since 1978, certified since 1991, working towards biodynamic certification
Soils: Calcareous clay
Grapes grown: Chardonnay, Gamay, Pinot Noir
Annual production: Varies by vintage, anywhere from 15,000-150,000 bottles

Quick facts:

  • The estate vineyards have never seen chemicals: the family has been farming organically since the start. Emmanuel and Patrice’s grandparents started the first organic vineyard in Burgundy in 1954.
  • For the négociant project, they purchase juice from certified organic vineyards farmed by longterm friends, and the wines are fermented and aged alongside the estate wines in the cellar.
  • Their “Cinquième Génération” cuvée is a co-ferment of Chardonnay, Gamay, and Pinot Noir. Extremely rare in Burgundy today, this style of wine would have been made in the days of Emmanuel and Patrice’s great-great-grandmother, who is featured on the label.