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Francisco Fraguas & Conrado Gibbs


Owner & winemaker: Francisco Fraguas & Conrado Gibbs
Vineyards: 5ha, 50% estate-owned, 50% purchased from partners
Vineyard management: Sustainable, working towards organic conversion
Soils: Varied by region, including sand, limestone, heavy clay, and deep rocky soils
Grapes grown: Torrontes, Ugni Blanc, Sangiovese, Ancellota, Malbec, Moscatel Rosado, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Bonarda
Annual production: 20,000 bottles

Quick facts:

  • Francisco and Conrado are both originally from Mendoza, and after traveling to vineyards around the world, they returned home to make wines showcasing the diversity of the region.
  • “A person drinking our wines should know this is project made by two friends who believe that great wines can be produced naturally, without the use oenological chemical products. They should know the bottle they opened is part of a very limited batch, a little treasure. We would really like them to realize they are not drinking a wine made by a huge company, industrial and standardized product. We are two friends, who have another work, without any external capital or investors, producing wine because is our passion. We do not live from this; we live for this.” – Francisco Fraguas & Conrado Gibbs