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Domaine Henri Cruchon

Catherine Cruchon

Henri Cruchon Le Morget Selection

Henri Cruchon Le Morget Selection


Owner: the Cruchon family
Catherine Cruchon
Vineyards: 32ha, across numerous small parcels
Vineyard management: Demeter-certified biodynamic since 2018
Soils: Varied by site, including sandstone, clay, limestone, and glacial moraines
Grapes grown: Chasselas, Chardonnay, Altesse, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Blanc, Doral, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamaret, Garanoir, Mara, Divico

Quick facts:

  • The vineyards in Vaud are some of the oldest in Europe.
  • Henri Cruchon founded the domaine in 1976, and now his granddaughter Catherine is managing the cellar. The next generation to run the domaine will be entirely women.
  • “Le Morget” is the name of a warm breeze that blows through the vineyards at night, helping the grapes attain a perfect ripeness.

Domaine Cruchon is a family affair: Henri Cruchon founded the estate in 1976, and soon his wife Denise, as well as his brothers Michel and Raoul and their wives Anne and Lisa, joined him to manage the domaine. In 2010, Catherine, daughter of Lisa and Raoul, took over winemaking for the estate, and her wife Margaret joined the administrative side. Michel’s daughters Yaëlle and Laura now help him manage the vineyards. As this youngest generation continues to take on responsibility, the estate will soon be entirely run by women.

The vineyards are found within the Morges region, which is distinguished by a large diversity of soils and landscapes (vineyards, fields, forests, etc.). The soils were formed during the last glacial period by the Rhône glacier, so are a mix of different types of glacial moraines, all clay-limestone. They grow sixteen different grape varieties (from international varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to local specialties like Chasselas) across dozens of small parcels, each with a unique microclimate. The Cruchon family is one of the pioneers of biodynamic farming in Switzerland, and since 2018, they’ve been certified by Demeter. Vinification is done with indigenous yeasts and minimal possible additions, in accordance with Demeter guidelines. They sum up their winemaking philosophy with the following phrase: “Winemaking is not a creative science, only nature creates!”