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Domaine de Thalie

Peter Gierszewski


Owner & winemaker: Peter Gierszewski
Vineyards: 5ha, across four estate-owned sites and one rented parcel
Vineyard management: Certified organic
Soils: Calcareous clay, marl, and granite
Grapes grown: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Aligoté, Syrah
Annual production: 25,000 bottles

Quick facts:

  • Peter’s goal is to express the varied soils and grapes of his domaine with purity and precision.
  • “Our wines are full of the energy of the earth, of the sun, and of the passion of an artisan vigneron.” – Peter Gierszewski

Peter Gierszewski established Domaine de Thalie in 2009, after getting a degree in oenology and spending ten years running a small wine shop. He purchased a few hectares of vines on the west-facing slopes of an open valley, at up to 400m of altitude. The vineyards are interspersed with woodlands, meadows, and pasture, so biodiversity can flourish. “I like making wines here because there are a multitude of different terroirs with several possible grape varieties,” he tells us. Farming has been organic since the start, and he also incorporates homeopathic teas and works with the lunar cycle. His varied soils include blue, green, and red marls; red granitic sands which are well-draining, acidic, and absorb heat; and limestone soils known as “foie de veau,” which are rich in iron oxide, basic, and well-draining.

In the cellar, he makes wines with no additions except an extremely minimal amount of sulfur at bottling. “I am trying to make the purest possible wines and develop the expression of the terroir,” Peter explains. “We trust our grapes and our juice!”