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David Ramnoux


David Ramnoux inherited an old vineyard from his father, located in the small village of Mareuil, the center of the Cognac appellation. The vines of Ugni Blanc are in average 60 years old, and 25 years old from the Colombard variety. Since then David and his wife have maintained and operated the vineyard with great respect and dedication to the environment. All the production comes exclusively from its 8.5 hectares’ vineyard certified organic and biodynamic for 20 years by French and European organizations.

Pineau des Charentes is the combination of cognac with grape must. This happens during the harvesting of the grapes where cognac brandy is added to the grape press. The grapes used are selected from the oldest grape plots which are aged over 50 years. Pineau is produced mainly from Ugni Blanc, Colombard and a small percentage of Semillion. During distillation, small amounts of water are added to stop the fermentation and to stabilize the product. The product is then left to age in oak barrels.

The Pineau has a bright golden yellow color, an intense nose with aromas of candied fruit, citrus and vine flowers, and notes of honey.

Credit: PM Spirits