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Chateau Khashmi

George Wolski

Khashmi Mtsvane

Khashmi Mtsvane


George Wolski farms three hectares of vines in the Kakheti region of Georgia. This region is known for producing bold, structured wines, due to both a warm climate and a winemaking style that favors long macerations on the skin and stems. The village of Khashmi, where the winery is located, is renowned for its Saperavi and was even awarded its own designation of origin (Saperavi Khashmi). The family vineyards include a particular cultivar of Saperavi that is planted on ungrafted rootstock, as well as Kisi, Mtsvane, and Khikhvi, all local and indigenous grape varieties. The fermentations take place in traditional clay jars called qvevri that are buried in the ground and left sealed overwinter. The jars are then unsealed in the spring and bottled by hand, unfined, unfiltered, and without any added sulfites.