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Chateau de Leberon


Château de Léberon is a fourth generation distillery, housed in a medieval fortress constructed in the 13th century. In 1939 Osmin Rozès bought the property and restored and transformed into the family home, planting vines and resuming distillation campaigns. The Château’s vineyards benefit from an exceptional microterroir – its roots plunge into the gritty sand and alluvial deposits of the River Baïse’s terraces, and its soil is mixed with pebbles that retain and transmit the warmth of the sun to the grapes. The vineyards are 40 years old on average, with some vines over 60 years old primarily growing Ugni Blanc and Colombard. The vines are worked following the rhythm of the seasons, respecting the cycle of nature. All pruning, folding, and budding is done by hand due to the advanced age of the vines. A completely natural vinification process is followed by traditional distillation in an Armagnac still. All bottlings are unfiltered, with no additives or dilution.

Credit: PM Spirits