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Chateau Cambon

Jean-Claude Chanudet

Cambon 2019

Cambon 2019


Around the turn of the millenium, Beaujolais pioneers and friends Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Claude Chanudet, and Joseph Chamonard discovered a gem of a property just outside the edges of Morgon and Brouilly. The trio, being avid proponents and practitioners of biodynamics and the natural winemaking philosophies of Jules Chauvet, were pleased to find land and vines that had gone unspoiled by the modern age of chemical fertilizer and pesticide. This Gamay vineyard became the site for Chateau Cambon. In the last couple of years, the estate acquired an additional 2 hectares in Brouilly. Today, the Chanudet & Lapierre families are the proprietors of the estate.

Cambon continues the tradition of Domaines Lapierre & Chamonard in style and focus, celebrating Gamay by creating wines of purity and joy. The wines bear the hallmark of the late, great Marcel Lapierre, with the formidable contributions of many others over the years. Jean-Claude now sustains this legacy with wines of exceptional value, drinkability, and fun. Everything we love about Beaujolais is present in a bottle of Chateau Cambon.