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Cantina VikeVike

Simone Sedilesu

Vike Vike Cannonau

Vike Vike Cannonau

100% Cannonau from 15 year old vines, aged for 18 months in acacia barrels.


Owner & winemaker: Simone Sedilesu
Vineyards: 4.5ha across five rented sites
Vineyard management: Certified organic
Soils: Decomposed granite
Grapes grown: Cannonau, Granazza
Annual production: 25,000 bottles

Quick facts:

  • Simone comes from a family with generations of winemakers, but he decided to set out on his own to make wines his own way.
  • “Bere un buon bicchiere di vino mette il buon umore!” – Simone Sedilesu (“Drinking a good glass of wine puts you in a good mood!”)

Owner and winemaker Simone Sedilesu feels lucky to have grown up in Mamoiada in Sardinia, where wine is an integral part of everyday life. His father was a winemaker, his grandfather was a winemaker, and so on for generations. You could say he was born to be a winemaker as well. After finishing his university studies, Simone decided to leave his family’s winery to set out on his own path. He began with two hectares of rented vineyards and an old garage where he could work independently–a true “garagiste”! In 2018 he expanded to a new winery with enough space to work a bit more comfortably, and he was able to begin vinifying each vineyard parcel separately.

Mamoiada is a place where wine has been made for many generations, and the only thing that has changed in the last twenty years is the date of harvest–grapes that were once picked around the end of October are now more often harvested in late September. With an average elevation of 750m, it is possible to make elegant wines with freshness and high acidity that have the potential to age well.

Describing his winemaking style, Simone explains that “ninety-nine percent of our work is done in the vineyard. Inspiration comes every morning when we get up early and go to work our asses off in the vineyards. By the end of the day, you’ve given a meaning to everything.”¬†Fermentations are spontaneous, “like we’ve always done.” At the same time, no winemaking technique is ever set in stone–there are new experiments every year.

“In general, I like fresh, mineral, and elegant wines–and that’s what I’m hoping to make with my wines.”