Williams Corner Wine is a wine importer based in Charlottesville, Virginia and a wholesaler selling wine to fine restaurants and wine retailers in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Montgomery County, MD. At Williams Corner Wine we specialize in natural wines made from hand-picked grapes, fermented using natural yeasts, and produced without acidification or other additives. Our goal is to source and sell authentic expressions of a place, whether it be the steep hillsides of Bugey or the rocky, windswept landscape of Roussillon. We seek out artisans who aim to achieve the utmost quality through ecologically and environmentally friendly vineyard practices and winemaking techniques.

Williams Corner Wine believes in and chooses to specialize in natural wines. To understand what that means and to see what makes our wines unique, we would like to offer a brief look into the concept of natural wine.

Natural Wine

Although no specific definition exists for a natural wine, it is commonly understood that a natural wine is produced with the minimum amount of intervention and manipulation possible. A natural wine producer seeks to produce the perfect vehicle to transmit the terroir of a place to you, the consumer. As such, a natural wine tends to be one that is produced from high quality, hand harvested grapes grown in low-yielding vineyards, typically organically or biodynamically farmed. Fermentation begins naturally, using yeasts present in the vineyard and the cellar, and the unfermented grape must is not sulfured. The winery producing the wine must aim to produce a transparent wine that respects its terroir; manipulating the wine through the addition of tannins, sugar, acid, oak chips, prominent new oak aging or through use of any number of other additives could dull or completely erase the wine’s terroir. The wine is bottled with no added sulfur if possible, and if not, only as much as is absolutely necessary.

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