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  • California Red "Love" 2014: This is our third (and I believe most exciting!) bottling of Love Red. As with the last bottling,we used grapes from 50-70 year old vines from Frei Vineyard in Solano County's Green Valley. Green Valley is small pocket ofland, about 3 miles long and a mile wide, tucked between the southeastern corner of Napa Valley and southwestern edge of Suisun Valley. It’s unique in that it still contains many of its old-vine Carignan and Valdiguié vineyards on clay-loam soils. Using dry-farmed/head-pruned vines, this is mostly a field blend with a small percentage of Syrah blended in from neighboring Wirth Ranch. The grapes were harvested during the third week of September to help preserve their natural acidity. The Carignan and Valdiguié were 100% destemmed and fermented in 5-ton, open-top wood fermenters. Malolactic fermentation was allowed to happen naturally. 
  • Solano County Green Valley Valdiguié 2014: sourced from three vineyards for 2014 — Frei Vineyard, Wirth Vineyard and a small amount from V. Sattui Vineyard. The Frei and the Wirth vineyards were planted in 1948 and 1950, respectively, and are less than a mile apart from each other in Solano County’s Green Valley, located southeast of Napa. The Wirth Vineyard is planted on steep-sloped, iron-rich soil, while the Frei Vineyard is located closer to the valley floor and has more acidic soils. The vineyards are dry farmed and the vines are on average of 60 years old. All grapes went through carbonic maceration, making this wine fresh and ready to be enjoyed. 
  • Mendocino Eagle Point Ranch Counoise 2014:
  • Alexander Valley Carignan "Old Vines" 2014: Having saved a remarkable, exquisitely ancient vineyard from imminent "Cabernetification," we continue to nurture its 130+ year old vines, capturing a character unfound in mere 120-year-old vineyards. An original field-planted block, these Carignan plants are interspersed with Palomino (white variety from Jerez) and Alicante (a rare black-fruited vine that produces some of the darkest juice on the planet). Its decomposed sandy soils make it impossible for the vine-pest phylloxera to survive, leaving these some of the last remaining self-rooted vines in the state. The winemaking process is as unique as the vineyard itself, taking inspiration from centuries-old traditionwhile adding our own signature. Pitchforked from bin to tank, the berries remain intact and protected with a constant blanket of C02 until their native yeasts begin to ferment the grape sugars from the inside out. A slow mortification breaks down the color components in the skins infusing the juice inside the still-unbroken berries with a vibrant red hue. When fully dry, it is pressed in microlots and ushered into neutral oak and concrete vessels for the final stages of development. Bottled after 10 months, the 2014 Carignan extolls the virtues of its pedigree. Amazing depth of flavor from these rugged, ancient vines is captured in the most transparent method we could devise.
  • Mendocino Nero d'Avola 2014:



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