Andrew Greene


A brotherly gift of Hugh Johnson's venerable “The World Atlas of Wine” is likely responsible for Andrew's introduction to the fermented grape. A cartographer by training and profession, the intrinsic link between wine and place has always fascinated Andrew and served as the perfect next step after an early interest in artisan beer and homebrewing. Wine has always been, and continues to be, a second career for Andrew, starting on Sundays at Market Street Wineshop, in Charlottesville, and as weekend sommelier at the Clifton Inn, and now as a partner (and bio author) in Williams Corner Wine. During the week, Andrew can be found in Jefferson's (or Stanford White if you're a stickler) Rotunda, where he is the Sustainability Planner in the Office of the Architect for the University of Virginia. This dual interest, in wine and sustainability has led to an obvious interest in the combination of the two at Williams Corner Wine. Although more forgiving than the above palate, Andrew nevertheless favors the dynamic, fascinating character of natural wine, especially whites from the north. Not one for big labels, he is a fan of big bottles of muscadet.